A short BIO

Aleksan begins his musical journey in a children choir in Bulgaria when he is only six years old (mid-1995). Everything develops rather fast, going through the music high school and eventually finishing with double bachelor - violoncello and singing at the academy in his home-city – Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In the mean-time he performs as singer soloist with some of the most acclaimed Bulgarian

orchestras, amongst which the Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio and the Orchestra of Plovdiv’s Opera.

In 2013 he is accepted for bachelor study in the field of vocal early

music at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where he studies (currently) with Rita Dams, Michael Chance, Jill Feldman, Peter Kooij and Pascal Bertin.

During his study Aleksan has the possibility to work and has appeared

in performances under the guidance of musicians such as Michael Chance, Kenneth Montgomery, Patrick Ayrton, Peter van Heyghen, Hidemi Suzuki, Charles Toet, Peter Coin, Frans Brüggen, Gilles Michels and others.